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ZL928Ⅱ Heavy Mine Loader


Main technical features:
  1. It adopts special heavy-duty converter and drive axle, increase the reliability of the whole machine. Narrow track axle (track 1320mm), a relatively short half shaft, increase driving force and torque of the loader, and improve the work efficiency, and greatly reduce the damage rate of the axle.
  2. It has strength low alloy steel plate, high strength, small deformation, anti collision, it can be particularly suitable for well operation.
  3. The engine uses Dongfanghong LR series of mine special type, strong power, high power, low noise, low emission, and imported catalytic and water purifying device, reduce air pollution, effectively improve the underground environment.
It has articulated structure, small turning radius, flexible steering.
It has mine special rock bucket, the operation is more efficient.
This machine is mainly suitable for the tunnel, iron ore, lead-zinc, copper, gold and other metal ore and coal mine.
Main technical parameters:
Bucket Capacity,1.0m³can also be customized engine  4108LR Mine dedicated
load capacity 2200kg power 60/70kw
The largest digging force 60KN Hydraulic torque converter JY280
Three times and time ≦9s hydraulic system pressure  22Mpa
Highest speed 25km Steering system   Hydraulic load sensing
Maximum unloading height 1900mm tyre size 16/70-20 Mining special nylon tires
       Chain options
Turning radius 3500mm tail gas clean-up  Import filter + water filtration
Dimensions (length) 5200mm×(width)1850mm×(height)1900mm

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